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    Bradman's Bats
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Watch the video clip on Bradman's Bats and answer these questions about the National Treasure featured.


What do these objects help me understand about Australian history and heritage?


  1. Describe the objects.

  2. Where are they located?

  3. What does the video clip tell you about:

    • the qualities Bradman must have had to achieve these milestones? For example, would he have had to show persistence? Or patience? Or skill? Or determination? Or be a ‘team player'?

    • the important elements or qualities that you expect of a hero that they do not indicate? For example, do they tell us anything about the man's attitudes to others? Or his treatment of them? Or his qualities of sportsmanship? Or bravery?

  4. What was this man's main role in Australian history?

  5. What are the main reasons the bats are considered a National Treasure?

  6. Look at the way Warren Brown has depicted these objects in his cartoon. What message or meaning is he suggesting about the objects?

  7. What do these objects tell us about being Australian?

  8. Are these objects important in your life today? Explain your answer.

  9. How can you now answer the focus question?

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