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    Vice-Regal Rolls Royce
Vice-Regal Rolls Royce

Here is Warren Brown's cartoon about a National Treasure, a Vice-Regal Rolls Royce.


What does this object help me understand about Australian history and heritage?

  1. Compare the cartoon to a photograph of the object. What are the main similarities and differences?

  2. Comment on the:

    •  style (e.g. realistic, exaggerated, etc.)
    •  mood (e.g. humorous, serious, critical, etc.)
    •  focus (e.g. a person, an idea, a belief, a symbol, etc.)

    of the cartoon.

  3. What is the message or meaning about the object that Brown is trying to convey?

  4. A cartoon often includes symbols — images that immediately carry another message or meaning to the viewer. Are there any symbols in this cartoon? If so, identify what they are. If not, suggest one that could have been added by the cartoonist.

  5. Create a caption for the cartoon.

  6. Imagine that you have been asked to create a cartoon about the object. Decide:

    •  what your message is
    •  what symbols or images you will include to get this message across
    •  the style you will use
    •  the mood that the cartoon will create.

  7. Now draw the cartoon or, if you are not confident about your cartooning skills, explain what you would produce

You might like now to see the video clip on the Vice-Regal Rolls Royce.

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